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Mischa Barton Icon Community

because she's born to be iconized.

♥Mischa Barton Icon Community♥
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Mischa Barton Icon Community
...I think you should be framed in some fine art gallery.

I am Chiara (mischaful), 22, from Italy. Pretty much well known on the web for having said goodbye to my life to consecrate myself, my heart'n'soul to a a Goddess named Mischa Barton.

Given the lack of icon communities dedicated to this AMAZING actress and woman I decided to create one by myself because I love to iconize her and to see other people being inspired by the awesomeness that Mischa is.

The first aim of the community is to have fun and enjoy the view of little 100x100 masterpieces but please take a second to read the rules as well:

You must JOIN to be able to post

I think it's pretty obvious, anyway please post here your batch ONLY if it is really Mischa-related (even just one one icon is fine!). Non Mischa-related entries will be deleted.

Marissa Cooper icons are welcomed with joy!

This is how a post should look like:
- short intro to your batch
- teasers (how many you want ;P)
- short cut link to your personal lj

Please use tags only if you think it's appropriate (eg. for Marissa icons). Do NOT tag Mischa Barton, it's obvious! lol.

To the snaggers: remember to always CREDIT the makers!

Thank you for being here and HAVE FUN!

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